Stabaxol (Carbodiimide Compound) is the brand name of Rhein Chemie's high-performance Polymer It is an anti-hydrolysis agents. Any polymer containing ester groups or manufactured by polycondensation, such as PET, PBT, PU, TPU, TPEE, PA and EVA, can benefit from this protection.

Advantage of Stabaxol:

•Improving your economic viability

•Using Stabaxol brings about an up to threefold increase in the stabilized polymer's lifespan. 

•Plastics stabilized with Stabaxol have a very good cost/benefit ratio.

•Stabaxol for intelligent protection against hydrolysis.

•Improving Of Processing Stability.

•Damage Reduction to the Polymer during processing.

Low Molecular Weight Carbodiimide (STABAXOL).

•Stabaxol ⅠPowder

•Stabaxol Ⅰ-LF


It is a molecular weight 360g / mol, and then quickly reacts with acid. Stable productivity by removal of the acid is expected, as a result, there is an effect that it is possible to reduce the defect rate at the time of manufacture.

High Molecular Weight Carbodiimide (STABAXOL).

•Stabaxol P

•Stabaxol P 200

Stabaxol® molecular weight of P is 3,000-4,000g / mol, the molecular weight of Stabaxol® becomes more 20,000g / mol, both are excellent in long-term stability and have good thermal stability.