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    • Pellethane® TPE

Lubrizol Estane® Thermoplastic Polyuerthane

Our portfolio of Estane® Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs) includes elastomeric materials that bridge the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics. These materials offer unmatched toughness and durability in a flexible thermoplastic elastomer system that is easy to process in a wide range of equipment. The Estane TPU portfolio of products offers high performance polyester - and polyether - based resins and compounds in a broad range of hardnesses to meet a variety of application needs.


  • Polyester and polyether based products with hardness properties ranging from 70 shore A to 80 shore D
  • Flame-retardant grades for extrusion and injection molding applications
  • Rubber-like products that offer high resiliency, low compression set, and matte finish
  • Breathable barriers for comfort and protection


  • Outstanding Abrasion and Wear Resistance
  • Excellent Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Toughness and Durablity
  • Ease of Processing and Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Global Availability and Support